Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cuz it's Tradition

Do you know which one I'm talking about?  I'll give you a hint - it's something I observe every November 1st and have for over a decade now.  Still don't know?  Here's another hint "It's the Most Wonderful Time", "The Christmas Song", etc etc.  Yes I am one of those holiday fanatics who start listening to Christmas music on November first to get the holidays going.  It used to be that between November 1st-December 31st was the best part of the year to me.
Now with the Livster every day is that much better, but I definitely still have a special place in me for this season.  I've got so much to be happy and grateful for that I can't but just be almost giddy listening to the music here at the office thinking of all the memories made decorating trees, making construction paper holiday chains, baking empty pies (because we ate all the pie filling before we baked 'em), shopping for the absolutely most perfect gift for family members, you name it I have a memory of it somewhere in my archives.

Tis the season everyone!

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