Friday, November 11, 2011

For the Love of Chocolate Milk

Yesterday was Synagis Day 1 for this year.  Nonna was concerned that Miss Liv woke up on the wrong side of the crib after her nap and kept whispering to me "She knows".  I chuckled and got Olivia ready to head to the peds making sure Nonna had packed the after shot bribe of chocolate milk.  If I haven't ever mentioned it before, that little girl loves chocolate milk and since we're not above bribing her for things like nail cutting, doctor's visits or on the super crabbilicious days - I encourage this attachment to the chocolate milk.  The unfortunate thing is she can literally pound 8oz of the stuff in less than two minutes flat.  Then she lets out a sweet little burp that rivals those of a college guy who's just polished off a beer bong.  And that is then quickly followed by the sign asking for more of which I will not oblige.  We make sure she gets the good stuff Horizon or Kirkland Organic Chocolate milk but I'd still prefer 2/3 of her daily milk intake to be just the plain white milk - Olivia has other thoughts about this way of thinking but such is life.

Anywayyyy, doctor's office waiting room - we sign in and I stand there for a minute or two shifting Olivia on my hip because I don't want her to touch anything in the waiting room.  The receptionist kindly tells me that I'm allowed to sit and I get the opportunity to tell her that Olivia's a special care patient and is supposed to be shown to the exam room immediately particularly during cold & flu season.  She pulls up the record, confirms this to be true and gets us roomed - BUT not before Olivia gets hip to where we are and loses her ever loving mind  Have you ever been the parent to the screaming kid that instills terror into the other kids and makes them cry?  I can say I have been baptized into that role as of yesterday.  Awesome

The shot part was actually the easiest part, they needed a current weight (a skinny 25lbs) and then two nurses came in to do the shots simultaneously.  She hadn't screamed yet before it was all done and then I very quickly handed over the coveted chocolate milk to act as the pacifier.  Last night was great and she seemed completely back to her normal self.  Lesson for Mommy next month, no getting to the doctor's early and if we are, kill time downstairs!

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  1. Awww...poor little sweetie. Hope got her synagis yesterday too. Being at home is not that much easier...Hope still cried her eyes out with the scale and the shots were really hard for her. I wish chocolate milk worked for Hope...she would throw it up for sure. She is my little puker...if she gets even the littlest upset...up comes everything. She does it intentionally the 2s.

    Heart hugs to all of you.