Monday, January 16, 2012

"She's Beautiful and SOO Healthy Looking"

Happy Belated New Years and all other holidays we skipped over!  Yep, it's been a minute as they say.

As for today's post, I had really planned on doing a photo update of what little Miss has been up to lately but a comment from a stranger this weekend while Liv and I were shopping at Target took precedence.  It was Saturday morning and we were out having Mommy/Daughter time so where were we to go?  Of course off to Target, one of Liv's very favorite stores because she normally gets to walk around and oooh and ahhh over all the aisles.

Being a Saturday morning, all the little ladies were out presenting their samples for the shoppers and as we strolled by one in particular she made eye contact with Olivia and just randomly said "My your daughter is beautiful and SOOO healthy looking"  I stopped, I looked at my little goofball smiling her best smile at this woman, looked at the woman who was probably a grandmother, said my thanks and we walked on.  But what a moment, I could have lost it right there in the frozen food section at target as Olivia was blowing kisses and waving bye bye to her new friend.

I could go on and on what a profound moment it was, but words just don't do it justice.  Olivia is who she is, a miracle every day.  "Precious" as her Nonna likes to refer to her.  I will say, in the midst of this moment, I know there's still at least one more surgery in Olivia's future and we have been so blessed thus far, but there's no telling what the future will look like.  I'm at peace with it, I love her every day like it's our last and the future will be what it will be.

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