Monday, March 5, 2012

The Birthday Month!

Olivia, like her Nonna doesn't just have a BirthDAY, she has an entire stinkin' month.  We have been so busy lately just keeping up with her and life that the blog has continued to take a backseat.  But thank you for hanging with us and looking for updates.

So here's what's new in the not so good category - Olivia has a cough, really her first one ever and after much debate and consultations Brian and I ultimately made the decision for the short term to not take her in to the doctors for the moment.  Hear me out before you roll your eyes; last week we took her in for the Feb Synagis shots and it was a miserable, miserable experience.  She's now to the point with her anxiety levels where she will actually break out in a rash on her torso while waiting in fear for the nurses to do assessment and draw up the shots.  I do think she takes the waiting and anticipation worse than the shots themselves (it may be something she inherited from her Mommy - just sayin').  Back to the cough, we cut back on Liv's dairy intake because that was just making the phlegm worse and have been giving her all natural cough syrup stuff and I am amazed how well that's working.  Her appetite and sleep have been completely unaffected, knock on wood.

On the new & good category:

  • Speech therapy continues and the little lady is starting to pick up new words more quickly and use the words she does know with greater frequency
  • Bet you didn't know that an almost 2 year old could be a savvy shopper - little girl actually checks all the price tags on items as she's browsing through the selections - it's hilarious
  • Our FL trip is less than 2 weeks away - yep, Olivia, Nonna and I are headed to FL to see all sorts of family from both sides; it will be interesting to say the least - and yes, Cardiology has signed off on the trip
  • It's getting nice outside which is great for everyone who watches Olivia because shes getting a bit stir crazy during the day when the sun is shining but she doesn't understand that it's still frigid outside and too cold to play
  • Tia Nina came in to surprise the fam for this past week with a visit and she and Liv spent much time together being buddies; it was sad to see her go - I was so hoping for more contributions to the swear jar :)
  • I do believe potty training is in the near future; it is hit or miss but Olivia is definitely motioning when she has to go potty right before she soaks her diaper - that's kind of considerate right?
So that's what's new here with us, last Synagis weigh-in had her at 27lbs flat.  I think she's probably lost a few ounces because she is constantly on the move and she's anywhere from 24 month to 2T clothes.  :(  I can't believe she's really a toddler now, it is just flying by.

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