Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Fave Things About Being a Mom

 There are so many things that you have taught me in all the time we've been together - even while you were still cooking along in my belly.  Every day you give joy (and sometimes rain on it- hehe) and ask for nothing in return, just happy to be smothered in hugs and smooches.  Oh and don't deny you an IPod to listen to your music - that's just a crisis in your eyes.

  1. Not every day is a good day, but there is good to be found in every day
  2. Letting go of always trying to be serious or taking things so seriously and just kick back and laugh sometimes at yourself - you have the most beautiful belly laugh, I'd make it my ringtone if I could
  3. Look at things and new experiences from your eyes; it gives me a whole new appreciation for just about everything
  4. Some of my favorite Mommy/Liv time is when I'm cooking and your sitting on the island helping me or just watching everything I do - just enjoying the activity
  5. Your independent and stubborn streaks - I hope that you always have the fire in your heart and soul to do what you think is best for you as you grow
  6. Sometimes we as adults should just follow your lead and turn on some music and dance around just because
  7. Snuggles after your baths are always appreciated, just inhaling your sweet baby smell (thank you J & J) and you're so nice and relaxed and happy to sit on my lap
  8. They're fewer and fewer between but when I get to rock you to sleep in the glider for naptime or steal a nap with you.  I could just lay there and watch you sleep for hours 
  9. When you're so happy with something someone's done or understood that you wanted you reach over and give them a kiss out of appreciation - if only more people could be so kind
  10. Everything about you from your whispy static cling hair on the top of your head to your little baby piggy toes that have funky little toenails 
There's not a single thing I'd change about you Munch - Let's see how I feel about that when you're 13 - HA

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