Friday, April 27, 2012

We Want Your Blood & Throw in Your Organs Too

As preparation for Olivia's upcoming surgery the hospital has asked us to have 4 units of blood allocated for her.  This means asking grandparents, aunts/uncles, extended family and friends to step up to the plate and roll up their sleeves for her cause.  She is A+ and can receive blood from anyone with A+, A- or O blood types.  Brian and I are not donating blood for her in the event that she may at some point need marrow or other tissue products; my understanding was if she previously received our blood it would make her reject anything transplanted later. I don't particularly understand that, but I'm willing to roll with it for now.  All four grandparents are donating for her or the hospital general blood bank - whichever it works.

If you're able to and looking for something to do for our families or Olivia, please go donate some blood - not that it'll go directly to her cause, but helping out the blood bank is something that's taken on a new importance to us given that we've had to use the supply a couple of times now during the course of her surgeries and recoveries.

While you're at it, please - make sure that you've legally consented to be an organ donor in whatever respective state you call home.  Legally consented means that you've given the authorization on your driver's license or state ID and also made sure to inform your family members your wishes should that dreadful day come that they need to make those decisions on your behalf.  There are approximately 75,000 people waiting on organ transplant lists at any given time.  Yes, I'll throw a little guilt out there - someday it may be Olivia on the list waiting for a new heart.  Hopefully it won't ever come to that, but there are HLHS families whose children needed new hearts and pediatric hearts are even harder to come by.  So please, at least consider it.

Happy Birthday Livvymeister - I think I can really start counting the months that go by but each one is better than the last!  You are officially 2 years old & 1 month.  Today your dada and I will be meeting with Dr. Ilbawi to talk next month's game plan.  Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get plenty of spoilage from your grandparents since  we thought it'd be best to keep you out of the hospital as much as possible.  I love you to the moon and back you amazing little girl!

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  1. I've been reading for a while and found this so interesting. My husband has always donated for our son and I was warned that eventually he could develop antigens to my husbands blood and that he will no longer be able to directly donate, but I never thought about how my husband donating now could effect marrow later. Thank you for sharing that. I wonder if it is for the same reason. I will be thinking about Olivia as you approach her surgery.