Thursday, April 26, 2012

Holter? Might as well be Holster

The 24 hour Holter Monitor test is underway.  It started off fabulously by me forgetting the order when I left for work in the morning, then forgetting to tell Nonna to bring it with her when we met.  So there we are - Olivia's already hip to what's going on and on the brink of hysterics and my mom runs back to the house to get the script to meet us back at the hospital. Luckily it was nearby but still, I felt dumb and bad for Olivia who's anxiety levels were already at a medium-high just being in a hospital setting.

Anyone who thought she would be fooled by a different hospital for the occasion got that one wrong.  There's a few things that tip her off: the big doors opening from one wing to another, the PA system with greetings or Codes, the sound of pulse ox alarms and of course scrubs on anyone and everyone.  Once my mom got back with the order they were great about rushing us through, getting the monitor setup and kicking Olivia out.

She on the other hand had a flair for the dramatic last night.  If you've ever seen a version of a Christmas Carole and can picture the ghost of Scrooge's partner Jacob Marley sitting there all morose in his chains and weights for eternity - that's kind of how Olivia looks with the wires and little monitor hanging off of her small frame. She doesn't want to walk anywhere or do anything and looks really pathetic while she's refusing to do just about everything.

I did bribe her and take her outside for a bit in the late afternoon tucking the monitor into the pocket of her hoodie and she enjoyed that. I'm sure that the weight of the monitor is enough to pull on electrodes a bit and be annoying - but to not want to do anything?  She does know how to milk the sympathy that's for sure.  Anyway back to clinical stuff around 4pm this afternoon test will be done, electrodes will be removed, and I need to drop the unit back off at the hospital for them to transmit the data back to Hope.

Meeting with Dr. Ilbawi on Friday so fingers crossed someone has read the test by then!

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  1. Ahhh holter monitors - they suck, right? Bodie has had several and while I find them mildly annoying, he protests like they're the weight of the world. It's all very dramatic. ;-) Good luck with both the results and your surgical consult!