Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adios Tube!

Liv was extubated around 1am. She had been awake for some time and was going to to do it herself if the team didnt get busy and make it happen. Its about 3 now and shes resting comfortably after a little versed. She is totally with it asking to be picked up and/or leave the unit pointing to the door. Much to my surprise she has her normal voice which is kind of stunning after being intubated twice yesterday. As for her post op issues- the staff spent the betternpart of the night mixing drugs to find the right formula to get her stressed heart under control and in normal rhythm. They took the crash cart out around 1 and we dont forsee a need for it! Her temp which was steadily climbing has now dropped back into normal range after a dose of Moitrin. Now extubated her bloodflow through the new circulation is ideal and pulses to her extremities have improved. She is thirsty. We are allowed to dip a stponge in a cup of water and give it to her. My first attempt she bit off the sponge and almost took my finger when I went in her mouth to get it. Oucccch, the fluid battle has begun. Chest tubes are producing quite a bit of fluid, but nothing milky white so we like that. Brian and I are alternating four hour shifts so she always has a parent with her and are taking notes to keep everything of great importance on record. Her sats are currently 97 and shes got two periphereal lines one in each foot, an arterial in left groin and central line in right. This gives my little monkey full use of her hands which is good and bad. Now she just needs to rest and get on the road to recovery.

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  1. such good news ! Keep fighting Olivia, you are doing great. Praying for speedy recovery :)