Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Post Fontan

Do I dare say it aloud? That Olivia has climbed and conquered yet another mountain in her journey with HLHS? Last night things were okay not great. Today things look really good. So goes life post-op with these babies and kids. Her last x- ray showed some fluid around the right lung, but the tube is draining plenty of fluid. It's just not draining it fast enough so Liv was given her first dose of Lasix after am rounds. Its already working as her face which was puffy this morning is already looking more like normal. She is still on the med that helped her heart rate get under control last night but they are going to start weaning that tonight I believe. Her nasal cannaula is still giving some oxygen to help stabilize her and theyre bringing that down as well. Her temp is completely back to normal so no infection (yay). I feel like Im missing some big detail or development but i think thats about it right now. If she gets food or drink tonight I'll update. Otherwise no news is good news

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