Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Days to Go

This time next week Olivia will be post-Fontan.  In the meantime it's becoming a mad dash to get everything done before she goes in.  Thursday's a wash with the pre-op appointment never really knowing how long it'll last.  The hospital said to expect about a four hour visit which translates into about six hours.  I got the best idea ever just yesterday to make little gown like shirts for Liv.  With the help of some of my more sewingly gifted coworkers they suggested that I make some with velcro closures, ribbon closures and snaps like you'd find on a onesie.  Easy right?  I ran to Old Navy and bought up all the little girls shirts and tanks that I could find at $4 to either cut them right up the middle or straight down the back depending on the style of the shirt.

But when exactly am I going to sew in the velcro and/or ribbon or put in the snaps on top of making this super cute fleece throw that I bought all the material for?  Somewhere in between all the meetings at work that need to be juggled trying to prep to be out for a few weeks.  Hmmm....if only these great ideas had struck me a little sooner.  So Tia Mari if you're reading this - your help would be greatly appreciated!!!  Nonna's going to get all the new clothes washed today and then I'll start working on them tonight.  It's either going to be a breeze or a battle, there's no middle ground here.  I'll post pictures if they turn out well enough :)

On a high note, in between Target and the Old Navy that I hit up was a dollar store and I managed to find a bunch of cute little toys to give Liv daily in hopes of keeping her entertained with new loot for the duration of the stay.  Nothing over the top, just your everyday tiara, bracelets, a princess sippy cup with a crazy straw, a coloring book and an old fashioned tin lunchbox/purse featuring none other than Tinkerbell.  She should be a styling little diva at the very least.

Stay tuned on updates with all of my crazy projects.

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