Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meant to Be

I sent out an email earlier this week to some of my large vendors to let them know that I would be out starting 5/21 for Liv's surgery and received several responses of well wishes and support along the way.  A few expressed their apologies that we are going through another surgery of which I promptly replied that it wasn't necessary.  I am not sorry that this is the path that was chosen for Olivia's life, quite simply this was all meant to be.

My only living grandparent (Gram - Mom's Mom) passed away in January of 2010 at the blessed age of 94.  The loss of her sent my mom reeling for quite some time as they were close (even though Gram had her way of making everyone feel like they were her favorite).  When I shared the news that my mom would be a Nonna in the summer of 2010 she started to snap back into life here in the moment.  Suddenly she had something to look forward to again.  That November when we got Olivia's diagnosis Mom snapped into action.  She went with me to get the amnio and shockingly didn't faint as they stuck that ginormous needle in my belly.  She made sure she was always available for my fetal echos and stress tests if I needed her to be my wing woman altering her work schedule to accommodate the weekly appointments.  Once Olivia was born, through the Norwood and discharged my mom dropped everything to be with me during the day a few times a week just to help out and go to the weekly Cardiology clinics.  Then when I went back to work between the Norwood and the Glenn it was my mom and Olivia all week long.  Thick as thieves Mom would diligently chart every ounce of milk consumed, every wet and/or dirty diaper, meds administered, you name it the woman charted it.

Linda and I are quite certain that Mom enjoys being Nonna to Olivia more than she ever enjoyed being a mother to Lind and I as we were growing up.  (Mom denies this)  But I have seen my mom step out of her zone and sit on the floor of the playroom to read her Precious aka Olivia books, be silly playing with stuffed animals and find just about everything that Olivia does to be the stuff of geniuses.  My own mother brags to me about MY child.  It's amusing and exhausting all at the same time.  If a few days go by without Nonna seeing her precious, she starts to get a little whiney and wants to me to make sure the Munchita knows that her Nonna misses her.  "Riiiiight because she's forgotten you in the three days since she's last seen you" I say with a smile.

I look at all the things that Olivia brings to the table on a daily basis and one of those is giving a purpose and new sense of responsibility but youthfulness to my mom.  She gets to do all of the things that she couldn't do with us when we were young and she worked full time now with Olivia and ultimately not have to have all of the responsibilities that go along with being the actual parent.  What a fantastic arrangement!  All of the cuteness and spoiling and none of the discipline - sounds like a winner to me!  I'm making fun but I am so thankful that I have my mom around just a phone call away even when she makes me crazy asking for the fifth Olivia update of the day.  All daughters and granddaughters should be so lucky to have a Nonna/Mom like Olivia & I do.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!  We love you

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