Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Golden Birthday - Sort Of

Livvy Lou - Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!  27 months of crazy, wild, scary, wonderful, loving memories with you little lady.  Now this morning I will say my view of the span of your life is a little jaded perhaps because you were up almost every.hour.last.night.  I know it's not your fault, you're still having nightmares and calling out to make sure the big people that you know and love are there to take care of you.  It's so sweet how you can lay there and stroke my face falling off to sleep, but how bout we save that sort of cuteness for naptimes and not 3am?

You are so strong and have come out of this last surgery better than anyone could have hoped for given that it was a little rocky those first few days in the hospital.  Your favorite things right now are your various sizes of Minnie and Mickey that have been gifted to you from the family, your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse app on MY ipad (you think it's yours), and watching Ducktales and Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers with your dad.  Play Doh started off a bit rough but now you like it so long as we understand exactly which color you want to play with and when.  Eating is not your fave thing to do at the moment, but I think you're very suspicious of your parents planting medicine in your food so you've been keeping your guard up.  I do have to say we have you to the point now where you will take your pills for us when we ask and it makes everyone's life easier!

This coming week will mark the first time you'll be able to swim for the summer.  Everyone's looking forward to getting you outside and in a pool to see if you enjoy it as much as last year.  One never knows with you Olivia, we think we have you figured out and then you throw us a curve ball.  I know it's just because you like to keep everyone on their toes, but a little R & R for your parents and Grandmas would be very sweet of you too.  Either way, you are such an amazing little girl and I constantly find myself looking for a pause button on life to just sit and savor the moments with you; to always keep you little and nibble on your chubby baby feet, laugh at your big belly laugh and squeals and soak in those moments when we hang out and lounge curled up together.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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