Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh the Meds

This is an SOS to any parent who has had a child that makes it terrible to give them meds, whether it be liquid tylenol that's supposed to taste semi decent or some serious stuff like blood pressure meds.  Olivia is just not having any of her meds now.  I had suggestions to grind down her pill form, dilute them in some of her favorite liquids and I thought that it worked after her first ounce was down.  That was until she refused to take the rest and Brian spent the rest of the night trying to re-dilute the meds into the remaining balance of Liv's fluid quota.  Worse still was she really refused to take down any fluid for a while.

The crushed up meds in food isn't working either as the projectile vomit yesterday indicated.  It's amazing, I've never seen such a small kid start gagging at the site of a syringe or food they suspect might have meds.  This is before she actually takes a bite of said food mind you.  It is becoming a huge chore and more importantly a real concern that she's not getting some of the proper doses of these meds and I'm sort of my wits end for new ideas. If you've got any, please leave a comment below!

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  1. I know that Mikey's Mom really struggled with the meds too, but when they crush the pills they put it in ice cream or sherbert and mix it around, they have it pretty down pack with the meds, but at the beginning it was really hard getting him, very resistant, they are smart as a whip, they know whats in there. Try the ice cream, I hope that works. Let me know.