Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Update

Olivia continues to make big improvements, this weekend scooting herself around in her playroom and getting motivated enough to even walk from one room to the other.  She's still milking for additional attention and all her grandparents and Dada are happy to give it to her.  (knock on wood) I think a chocolate milk cocktail might be the way to get her meds in her.  2oz of Whole Milk with 2oz of Chocolate milk, the crushed meds and a little extra chocolate syrup for good measure.  The key is handing the sippy cup over to her and then letting her be; she will down it immediately.  If you sit around to watch her she won't drink any - little stinker!

Sleep is a completely different story; naps have improved dramatically but she does wake often throughout the night whispering or screaming for her Dada.  Sometimes its in a nightmare, other times she's wide awake and looking for him to come rescue her.  Mama is still pretty much mud, only out of sheer desperation will she call for me.  The one exception to that statement is food.  If Miss Liv is hungry, she will ask me to fetch her food first.  The little diva is very particular though, in her thought process I need to get her the food, but I am not allowed to actually feed it to her.  That job is again only reserved for Dada.  Today is Brian's first day at work in two weeks, I'm interested to hear how Liv fares without her BFF.

Incision looks so nice, swelling and inflammation are really minimized now and it's so pretty and smooth.  Her chest tube sites though are not for the faint of heart.  With previous surgeries the sites have always been stitched close but when they heal the skin always looks puckered like a mini belly button.  This time the idea is by leaving them open and allowing them to close naturally they will be nice smooth flat scars.  Let me tell you how horrified I was when Brian took of the band aids on them yesterday, again not being a squeamish person but I felt faint.  They will be the first thing I show the staff this Thursday when I take Liv back in for her first outpatient echo since the surgery.  Her poor little foot where she ripped out the IV is looking pretty sad too.  I can only blame some of this on the Coumadin.  Everything else looks really good and she is getting stronger daily.  I'll post some pics of Team Olivia at the Hope 5K walk from this past weekend and of course some updated shots of the star of the blog.

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