Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cardiology Update

Brian took Liv to her cardiology appointment this past Friday and the overall consensus are things are on the right track.  While they had her there, they did an INR and she came in at 1.7.  Anything below 2 is an acceptable level for the way her body is currently clotting with the aspirin and coumadin dose that she's on.  The big news was no echo.  She was already upset and they had her waiting for quite a long time since she was a last minute squeeze on the schedule and ultimately she just looks better and healthier since the staff last saw her.  After the doctor listened to her hear and lungs to make sure he didn't hear any additional fluid Olivia and Daddy got the boot.

I need to call this week to get her back on the calendar for early November and then they'll do an echo to see how much difference there is in function and heart muscle from the discharge echo on 9/16 and the latest two months later after the new medicine regimen.  Last night she was actually jumping on the bed so if that's any indication of overall cardiac health... :)

Her caloric demands to keep that little face full are perfectly normal the staff assured Brian.  We should be feeding her as much and whatever she would like which would be great were she not a feisty two year old.  She will literally ask for things now and then tell you five seconds later that's not what she wanted with a full fit of tears.  I've tried to teach her and say that she can wait then until her next meal to get what she wants in hopes of making her wait or understand that she can't be so wishy washy but she truly is hungry and will scarf down whatever it is when we can work together and understand just exactly what it is instead of her standing at the fridge and freezer.

Really it was a great report and the staff said to go ahead and discontinue her Prevacid and the first couple of days she was peeved, but I think it was just general anger that she couldn't believe we made her go back to the big bad doctor.  Once she got over it, her sleeping and personality got better again.  I mean except for the terrible twos that she's going through.  Apparently that only rears its ugly head when one of the parents around because if you ask the grandmas, they still maintain she's perfect and precious.  I agree she is, but I definitely see Medusa's head appear from time to time!

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