Thursday, September 27, 2012

Liv 2.5

No, you're not quite an Apple product Missy, but you definitely get better with every upgrade (or passing month).  Today you're 2 1/2 years old, that just seems out of control crazy.  The other night we had a Q & A session that went something like this:

Mommy: Olivia, are you going to be Mommy's baby forever?
Liv: Yeah
Mommy: Olivia, can I just stop time and keep you little forever and ever?
Liv: Yeah
Mommy: Livvy, are you the prettiest little girl ever?
Liv: Yeah
(When I get three agreeable answers I think she's just sort of blowing me off so I throw out a random question just to make sure she's really paying attention to me)
Mommy: Liv, you ready to go night nights?
Liv: No, Nah, Noooo
Mommy: Livvy, do you love Mommy?
Liv: Yeah (then she gives herself a little hug as if to emphasize how much she loves whatever the subject at hand is)

I decided to stop there with what I had declared a victory for myself!

It has just cooled off the past couple of weeks and you were sleeping amazing since the hospital discharge until the last two nights.  Like clockwork at 3, you're wide awake not terribly unhappy but it's still rather uncool.  Your cardiology appointment is next Friday - they called and want to see you sooner just to be sure everything is on the right track.  You still love all thinks Minnie and right now while the goal has been to keep your activity level on the lower end, you're a huge fan of Super Why & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Hopefully this weekend you'll get back outside and actually find enjoyment in playing out there once again.

Till then, just remember, you promised to stay little, be my baby and love Mommy.  I will remind you of this in your teenage years for sure!

I love you always and forever

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