Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eat, Pause, Eat, Pause, EATTTTTTT

That is what life has become since Olivia kicked the heaves to the curb.  Medically speaking we still have no real answer as to what caused all of her nausea and vomiting last week.  I suspect it could have been that she was so dried out that it was throwing everything off balance.  Either way, she is doing really well self-policing her activity level so as not to overdo it.  The new thing is the eating, I mean to say she's eating something every 30-45 minutes would not be an exaggeration. This is something that I will discuss with cardiology, but I suspect it is similar to the inter phase stages of the Norwood and Glenn, her body has to work so hard that it needs more calories to keep it going.  Or she's growing, or she's becoming a glutton, so many options.

The important thing is she is happy and talking!  Talking up a storm or at least what seems like it to everyone around her.  She still absolutely refuses to say more than one word at a time unless it's bye bye or No, no no no no!  Lots of new words and clear as a bell like she's been saying them all of her life.  Such a stinker!  The nightly weigh ins have been consistent showing no real weight gain holding steady at 28.9 - 29.2 lbs.  The secret seems to be giving a full dose of Lasix in the morning and only a half dose at night.  She gets dry but not sunken hollow face dry.  I scheduled her follow up cardiology appointment for Friday, October 12th and  can only hope that they will see at least minimal improvement.

As of right now, lack of updates means no news is good news.  Phew!

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