Friday, November 16, 2012

Adios Cath

Cath is done but they are greedy and keeping her intubated and taking her up to her room to get pics of her aortic arch while she's still sleeping.  It was done much faster than I expected so the sooner the better they take her off sedation, the better for everything and everyone.  Her liver is enlarged trying to compensate for the diminished heart function, but this is reversible.  The big news is that her Fontan is beautiful and there's no structural reason why this happened.  Transplant is 100% needed to get Livvy better from here on out.

Hopefully she'll be ready to see visitors shortly and I will update as soon as I get eyes on her again.

Thank you everyone!

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  1. Olivia, we absolutely LOVE you, so very much. If you are anything like your Parents (which I see you as part of both of them). you are kicking but first and taking names later. You will do great, we pray for you everyday! you are a joy to us all,your the best helper I could ever ask for. Love you always and forever,
    Tio Ernie,Tia Maria, Trinity,Belle, and Marisela.