Saturday, November 17, 2012

Updates and Adjustments

Miss Olivia's renal (kidney) ultrasound yesterday showed that they are perfectly normal and not the cause of her heart failure. They show some stress because of the heart failure, but like her liver it's completely reversible.  Her BP is elevated a lot of it is just hospital anxiety, but I'm sure some of it is because of the wear and tear done by the her heart working on overdrive.  Currently she's on IV lasix and milrinone.  Her normal heart med digoxin is still being given orally.  They have been holding off on coumadin because of yesterdays cath and we'll see if any other changes occur today.  

Goal for the weekend is to continue to get Liv as comfortable as possible in her surroundings and purge any excess fluid that she's currently accumulating from IV's in the cath lab.  She came in on Thursday weighing 13.2kg and last night weighed over 15.  So that's a whole lot of fluid that little gf needs to pee out.  I won't lie to you and tell you she's anything but unhappy about this current situation.  She's completely bummed and freaks out whenever medical staff comes in full of tears and this morning she's already thrown a tantrum because she wants to be either carried or pushed around the floor constantly.  Never quite ready to make it back to her room and after a while a stroller and IV pole gets old since she still doesn't have a desire to walk.  But that walking has to happen soon so she doesn't lose muscle tone throughout all this process.  

All the grandparents have been here to visit their precious and I've got a few friends that work here so it's been really nice to see familiar faces.  She's allowed to have visitors from 10am-8:30pm, so just let me know if you'd like to come by!

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