Monday, November 19, 2012

The Game of Life

What I have come to find in the last 9 days is getting everything lined up is very much like the game of Life.  Here is how I see it in simple terms (and by no means to I intend to be flippant or insensitive to the grief and agony these steps have caused many families) - this is just how I process the whole ordeal:

  1. Identify that there's a serious problem with an organ either in you or your child that without medical attention will most certainly be fatal
  2. Find the best medical center in your geographic area to treat said medical problem
  3. Allow medical team to conduct all sorts of invasive tests and bloodwork; if there's a problem found here, advance three steps
  4. If the tests and bloodwork don't provide any clues towards the origin of problem in #1, then move back two steps
  5. In the meantime, pull a new card and wait on insurance to grant approval for the needed transplant
  6. Simultaneously wait on a group of multi-disciplinary experts to convene and review all labs and tests to unanimously agree that there is no other option than transplant
  7. If 5 and 6 do not align in agreement of a transplant, go back three more steps
  8. If steps 5 and 6 do align in agreement, officially get listed on the organ transplant list
  9. Wait
  10. Wait
  11. Hopefully organ arrives, Pass Go (details are sketchy to me now, do you get anything once you go completely around the board?)
  12. Recover
  13. Recover
  14. Test, test and re-test looking for signs of rejection
  15. Live life
  16. Breathe

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