Monday, November 26, 2012

The Gift of Life

I gave Olivia life on March 27th, 2010 after she really made me work for it and the doctors had to go in and get her.  

Her doctors and staff gave her life again on March, 30th 2010 then August 5th, 2010 and May 21st 2012.

Tonight, a very selfless family has decided to go above and beyond by donating their sweet baby's heart to give Olivia yet another shot at a long life.  

Not only does this new heart give her a four chamber heart and completely undo her HLHS diagnosis (with the extent of that pesky stent in the LPA), but it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Miss Olivia.  

I learned just a few minutes ago that Olivia can even consider having a baby of her own someday with her new heart something that was completely off the table with her current half heart.  She may decide after the run she's given her family that kids aren't for her but I love that she has the opportunity to CHOOSE.  

The surgery will run about 12 hours and Olivia has a heck of a fight ahead of her, but I am so thankful that she's got this opportunity and it was made possible by a complete stranger's generosity.  


  1. Oh my.....such good news! God is good. I will pray for her strength and yours.

  2. What an awesome thanks giving gift!! God sure is great and everything is possible by him!!!