Sunday, December 9, 2012


Is approximately the number of hours that Olivia's been a patient of Lurie Children's Memorial of her discharge tomorrow.  Discharge, a little over three weeks from her admission for a new heart, wait for a new heart, transplant and recovery all in 24 days.  To say that it's been anything short of a miracle is an understatement.  This has all been miraculous.  All of Olivia's experiences from our appointment with our beloved cardiologist at Hope to where she is today, could have all been so different if anyone would have hesitated an hour this way or that way along the way.

Olivia's mood tonight is much improved, I think she senses that everyone's excited and happy and she's caught on.  Tonight is my night to track vitals and do the 24 hour unsupervised (supervised) care.  They are tweaking a dose of her anti-rejection meds to bring her immune system levels to a safer range which means Miss Liv will have to go back to a liquid med for a little while.  But better to fight that battle of the liquid med than knock out her immune system even more.

Tomorrow's the big move to the Ronald McDonald House and Liv's first transplant clinic appointment is this Friday. I can only hope that the move to a more lax environment does her little body and soul some good. Thank you all so much for everything along the way.  The well wishes, cheerleading, gift bags, cards, prayers, truly it has been overwhelming in such an amazingly positive way.


  1. Wow- all in the course of only three weeks- that's crazy! So happy to hear that you all are getting one big step closer to home tomorrow!! :)

  2. I just found your blog though another heart blog. We adopted a baby with HLHS right after his second surgery. We were planning for him to have the third in the next year (he's about to be 3), but his heart function is low and his Dr. doesn't think he is a candidate for the 3rd surgery. Which leaves transplant as his only option.
    He is doing amazing right now. Strong, healthy, and growing. If it wasn't for his scar, you'd never know how sick his little heart is.
    I'm looking forward to following (and going back to read it all) your sweet girl's story. Transplant scares me and seeing your girl looking so wonderful just a week after her surgery is VERY encouraging! Thank you for sharing your girl.