Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cranky and Cozy

Liv is happy to be back in her room and madder than a hornet's nest about her cath which was promptly followed up with an echo.  While in the cath lab, the doctors also wanted to review her pulmonary arteries which were part of the transplant.  They look beautiful and wide open (doctors words not mine).  They expedited the tissue samples to pathology not because they fear anything's wrong but it was her first biopsy and if the meds aren't working the way they want, they want to know before they give tonight's doses.

Luckily for Liv her jugular was wide enough for access and that saves her left femoral vein and artery to heal up some more before we have to use it for what will become her annual caths as part of post-transplant appointments.  She has already had 4oz of apple juice and no nausea from anesthesia which is wonderful.  Today she will likely chill in bed or rant at everyone because she was so rudely awakened this morning.

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  1. You are truely amazing thanks for sharing your story I am so happy liv is doing great..we ate also a hlhs family my son Armani is 11 years old and we are currently awaiting a heart transplant in the near future. u give me hope thanks.we also go to luries n Dr wax is our cardiologist...thanks for updates..