Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cath Numero Uno

Liv is first case tomorrow morning for her very first biopsy cath. They will go in through the jugular and down to her heart.  There they will take four tiny samples of tissue no larger than the tip of a ballpoint pen and send them off to pathology to look for rejection at a cellular level.  We should have the results tomorrow night to determine whether or not the current immuno-suppressant drugs are doing their job efficiently or not.  Unfortunately, the current plan is to knock her out fully and intubate for the procedure, bonus to that is they will get some echo pictures done while she's in the cath lab as well.  If everything is favorable, the team will keep her at the hospital until Monday and then punt her over to the RMH for an outpatient stay of an undetermined length of time.

Some of the meds are already making their presence known in Liv.  The magnesium supplement that is a short term med is upsetting Liv's tummy.  The steroid is making her face fill out, but in a cute way thus far - this is another short term med thankfully so she's not whining about it to me in her teen years.  On a random note, she apparently has developed a sweet tooth.  Not one to be big into desserts, today she downed a chocolate chip cookie followed by three sugar cookies randomly throughout the day.  Bizarre, but since she's over the hospital food already and eating at random, I'm indulging it because the calories help the healing process.  Today, I gave her both respiratory treatments and the last one late last night; which actually seemed to have a calming effect on her. Then it was time to change the dressing on her picc line and I was able to do that too, while the nurse supervised and cleaned the area.  This was super traumatic for Liv last time and she seemed like she really liked me doing it better, so I felt of some use.

I'll update tomorrow about the cath, she should be going in around 7 (read 8).

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