Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Update

There have been lots of happenings over in room 1524, here's the checklist from the weekend:
  • All of Olivia's chest tubes have been pulled
  • She's been off all O2 and needed no cannula support for over 24 hours, sats are 100%
  • Her sub-clavian line was pulled yesterday with the chest tube
  • Pace maker wires are in but she's not hooked up to the little gray box
  • Only IV left is the PICC line in her right arm and she's only getting one IV med drip for the immuno-supressant regimen
  • All other meds are being taken orally
  • She has been eating and drinking on her own!
All in all its been a darn good weekend for Miss Olivia.  She's been sitting up on my lap or Brian's and the only problem we've noted is how much both parties overheat because we need to be in gowns and masks.  Today we may try to get her standing on her own but the staff isn't too worried about pushing her since she's been flying right along (knock on wood).  

That's where everything's at right now.  The majority of the work remaining remains on Brian and I to get educated on all her meds and learn how to take some quick vitals or what visual cues to watch for as indications of rejection.  

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