Monday, December 3, 2012

What I Love About Hospital Life

I've found this little area in the family lounge right off the CCU area to work each day and it's my own little spot with a view of the downtown skyline.  Certainly not ideal, but nice to power up and look out anyway.

I love a moment I experienced this morning while I was sitting there working.  A family was huddled in a circle of chairs, settled in for the long day with bags of snacks, foods and drinks.  A new mom, still round from her newborn baby sat in the middle and they were clearly waiting for surgical updates.  The first one came through and I overheard the familiar words of bypass, aortic repair, milrinone and dobutamine.  But when the next one came through, I almost cried.  They had been given good news and the family had quiet cheers and the mom shed lots of tears.  I have walked those steps a few times before.

The teenage girl who is around the corner from Liv's room no older than 15 or 16.  She is dressed in all the latest fashions and walks around with her milrinone drip hoping that she's the first heart transplant here at Lurie for 2013.  It made me smile to see her so lively and happy with who she is at least as I interact with her she is always cheerful and pleasant.

Nurses and doctors who although haven't known Olivia long come by to greet their little friend.  They're probably over inflating her ego by calling her Princess and Beautiful, but I suppose she gets a little slack this week.

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