Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little of This...A Little of That

First things first, medical update:
Olivia is doing so well, we have to do vitals in the am and vitals in the evening and she's not a fan but not such a fuss either now that she's gotten used to the routine.  Her fourth biopsy is set for 1/31, don't know what case yet but that's now on the calendar as of yesterday.  They will do bloodwork in conjunction with the biopsy to check her pro-graph/hecoria levels and make sure they're at a happy medium, confirm that the rejection is being kept to a minimum even though she's being weaned from the prednisone and watch her magnesium which has always tended to run on the low side but we are supplementing with diet and vitamin.  

Olivia-isms - this is what's been coming out of her mouth lately and they are funny:

  • Easy killer!
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy
  • She often likes to tell stories of how she sees an event or day planning out, something like "First Livvy bath, then, THEN Livvy dressed, and then Daddy home, kiss cheek and forehead, then PLAY" - this is how she explains to me that she took bath while I was at work, Nonna made her get dressed and then Daddy comes home to love and play with her - it's cool Mommy wasn't good enough material to be in the story :)
  • LIVVY DO - this means back off people and let her try it herself
  • Help you? - she still has you/me mixed up which is one of those things I'll miss when she outgrows it
Potty training depends on the given day, it seems like she has sort of lost interest right now and we're not really pushing it.  She likes to do things on her own time frame.  She has however taken a shine to dressing herself in as many patterns and layers as possible...the more they don't match I'm pretty sure the happier it makes her.  Below she decided she wanted to hang out on her glider, seeing no need to move Raggedy Ann & Andy she just sat right on top of them because that made more sense.

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