Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long Overdue

Brian took a vacation day yesterday to take Livvy back down to Lurie Childrens Hospital for a typical cardiac workup with the transplant team.  Everything looked great both on sight and clinically.  They've started to make additional med changes, weaning her off the prednisone entirely - I am going to miss those big full chipmunk cheeks.  As they've started to make changes on the steroid, we have all noticed that her ravenous appetite is becoming more and more of a typical toddler instead of a lumberjack.  Brian said that she didn't shed a tear during the entire appointment which in itself is a major milestone.  Maybe it was the gelato I bought her the night before. :)

Echo function looked excellent, BP is coming down as a result of the steroid wean and now we're also starting to wean her off of BP meds entirely.  Her BNP (that pesky enzyme we all have indicating heart health) is also coming down to levels like you and I would have.  ECG was perfect and the staff could not be happier with the way that things are currently going.  Brian and I have noticed as of late she has a TON of bruises so on my laundry list of questions that I wrote up since I wouldn't be at the appointment that was one I really wanted to know the answer to.  As it turns out, it's just normal toddler stuff since it's on her shins and knees and those are indicative of how much harder the little Energizer bunny is playing these days.

Olivia has always warranted extra attention to make sure that we weren't missing any key vitals or something amiss with her old half heart.  Now the girl warrants attention because she's constantly on the move more than I have ever seen her before.  She takes corners in the family room running around the couch so fast that you think she will tip over and smack her head into something EEEEK!  Pre-transplant stay, she could easily sit and watch an episode of SuperWhy or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and now I can proudly say that the TV is never on for Olivia's sake.  She has absolutely no interest and spends all her time playing and being an active inquisitive little busy body.

Below is Miss Liv test driving her new big bed in what is shaping up to be her new Big Girl Room.  A few finishing touches and she should be in it shortly!


  1. Such excellent news!!! So happy for you all!

    Gabe had a cardiology appointment (we are prefontan and not sure he will be eligible for it) yesterday and it went wonderfully too. Thank God for healthy babies!

  2. Gosh, what an incredible update. Livvy is such an amazing miracle - I sure hope she and Bodie can meet one of these days!!!