Sunday, February 3, 2013

What a weekend, NOT

Greetings from room 1526 - did you catch the implications of that?

Unfortunately I don't meet a swanky posh hotel. I mean the CCU floor at Lurie.  In short what happened was I was wrapping up my day at work on Friday to see the hospital # calling.  That was normal, I had been waiting all day for the biopsy results.  What wasn't normal is the nurse practioner on the other end of the line blurting out that she had bad news for me.  Despite all of Olivia's tests on Thursday being anywhere from Good to Fabulous - her biopsy showed moderate rejection at the cellular level.  On the old rejection scale she went from a 1A on January 3rd to a 3A on 1/31.  That's a pretty big jump in a short window of time.  The only course of action the staff wanted to take was to admit Liv ASAP and get her on IV steroids to tame the beastly rejection.

We had her checked in by 6pm and IVs were going by 9.  It was supposed to be a boring stay of six rounds of steroids and the first part of Saturday really was pretty lax.  But Olivia's super annoyed about being tethered down at all and the nightmares are only worse.  Everything else continues to look amazing about her and the staff really does believe that this flare up is because they are constantly chasing her Hecoria level.  Since the transplant she's growing like a weed and continues to outgrow her dose. Too much Hecoria could be dangerous for her kidneys and not enough leaves her susceptible to a rejection just like this one.  Call it roid rage or whatever, Olivia has been tough to deal with since her nap yesterday afternoon.  She's hard to console, very indecisive and I'm sure feels very out of control of the situation.

On the bright side of my short pity party, she is out of here after tomorrow morning's dose of Solumedrol (steroid).  I haven't seen the chipmunk cheeks yet but I'm sure they will make their appearance.  It'll also be a short time between biopsies, probably only a week or so before they want to confirm that this really did the trick.  I'm not sure if any meds will change or not, but it doesn't seem very likely.  For now, we will wait and see how this all plays out and hope for nice Olivia to come back.

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