Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miracles Do Happen

Miss Livvy,
   Today's a big day for you and everyone who knows and loves you.  You are three or as you say it "tree".  Every birthday is special until you get to around Mommy's age...then you just mark off celebrations of your 29th birthday over and over.  I won't lie, yours this year is even extra special given the past year and all the odds you had to beat to get to where you are today.  Your Daddy aka "your main man" as you call him and I really thought we would be free and clear last May when we took you in for the Fontan.  But you and your very special first heart had other plans for us.

   Throughout it all you handled everything like a champ Olivia.  We know now how terrible you must have felt leading up to the transplant but every night you still mustered up the energy to be excited to play with Mommy and Daddy when we would get home from work.  Actually now, I'm often greeted with "NO MOMMY" because you're having so much fun playing grocery store with Pammy and Nonna in the afternoons.  Hmm..rude.  You are so bright - apparently memorizing my phone number from the # of times you've heard me tell it to the hospital staff and often repeat PIN numbers as well which can be a little scary for the sake of debit cards.

   Your day to day now are filled with taking it all in and soaking in everything around you.  The more you can get out of the house for excursions the happier you are for the day.  I'm pleased to see how sweet and polite you can be with "pleases" and "thank yous" for just about everything and if your grandparents give you something or have a really fun day with you - you do take the time to tell them so without a nudge from your parents.

  No one knows what the future may bring you or anyone else for that matter.  You may have more health struggles, but always know that you are loved and will never be alone.  Mommy and Daddy would move heaven and earth to make sure you're always in the best of hands.  We cannot protect you from the disappointments that may come in life, but we will always be there for you.  In the good and in the bad Miss Olivia, I hope that you reach for the stars and chase your dreams and get just about everything you want out of life.  (Not those ridiculous shoes or outfits you and I will fight about when you're 16 - I mean the serious stuff)

Happy Third Birthday Olivia!

I love you always and forever,

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Olivia! May God continue to bless you and keep you safe. We love you, Keaton kisses!!