Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Checking In

It's been crazy busy and a tad bit stressful as of late, but I have much to update everyone on.  Here's the rough outline of the next couple of months:

  • Tomorrow, Biopsy #8 - assuming all is well we will continue to cut back on Prednisone and the immunosupressants
  • Next week - Olivia's story was chosen by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago and Northwest Indiana to be featured at their Big Mac Under Glass Gala
  • Drop off Radio Flyer Wagons to Hope Hospital as part of our continued "Thank you for saving our daughter's life a few times" give back (I type that tongue in cheek - I mean how do you thank them for that?)
  • Meet with Make-A-Wish Wish Granters!  Olivia's been accepted and we're just getting that process started
  • Transplant Picnic at the zoo for Lurie Children's Hospital, because we do have ties to both hospitals for different reasons; we try to participate in programs and benefits for both
  • Another heart gala for one of the local foundations
  • Birthday Parties (Nonna has a milestone birthday coming up)
  • Weddings (Tia Linda is getting married in Sweden next month) Olivia is grounded and can't go anywhere by air until she's one year out post-transplant
  • Potty Training - Some serious progress is being made, but it's all contingent on Miss Livvy's mood
  • Eradicating the word "NO" from Olivia's vocabulary.  A dark switch was flipped the day she turned three and everything is a battle...more to follow on this topic I'm sure
So there you have it folks - that's what's going on in the world of Olivia and her minions!

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