Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reasons Why Olivia's Crying

I don't know if you've been noticing in social media as of late but there's a mom who tweeted "Reasons Why My Son is Crying" and then this am a fellow heart mom did an entry about her son.  Well much of the same can apply to Miss Liv these days.  Sit back and take it in folks

  1. It's any day that ends in "Y"
  2. Mommy came home from work - in case you didn't hear, she officially fired me as mommy last week
  3. Her food is too hot - needs to be 30 seconds or less in the microwave if it's being warmed up
  4. She's NOT going to the hospital; seriously, she has been upset all week that the day hasn't started in a trip to the hospital so she can get some new fun band-aids
  5. Costco coupons weren't ready to be used yet
  6. She wanted Pesto Cavtappi from Noodles instead of Pesto that Mommy made and froze ahead of time
  7. Daddy put chicken in risotto
  8. Daddy sat in the wrong seat on the couch to read bedtime story
  9. No one would let her wear the same socks three days in a row without them being washed
  10. Anyone tried to brush her hair
  11. She wanted to drink Regular Water out of the fish cup with the blue straw - NOT THE GREEN ONE!
  12. We were out of ham and she had to make do with turkey
  13. Her bed isn't entirely covered with stuffed animals to go to sleep with at night
  14. The design on her pull-up isn't quite what she had in mind
  15. She was up late partying and we still woke her up at her same wake up in the morning.  RUDE!
It's tough being Olivia, I know, please refrain from calling social services on us.  We'll try to do better going forward

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