Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cannot Help but Be Proud

Regardless of what tomorrow's biopsy results bring or the epic tantrum Munch throws over her sore leg later on tonight...I cannot help but be so proud of her today.  For a three and a half year old, she has such poise.  Looking to us with expectant eyes as we sat in the waiting room asking to just be told what's going to be done to her, expecting the full story and nitty gritty details.  Her eyes welled with tears but she didn't cry about it; not that there would have been anything wrong if she had a breakdown moment at the thought of another biopsy.  Getting ready to go into the lab she looked at us and said she didn't want to go in alone.  Who can blame her?  So Brian suited up and took her in where she sat calmly on his lap and waited for the sleepy gas mask to knock her out.

She laid there patiently in recovery for hours...I truly mean hours upon hours waiting for the all clear to get mobile.  When she said she had to go potty, we offered her a pull up and she refused.  That little girl waited another hour plus to get the all clear so she could make her way to the bathroom.  I can't imagine much of anything about today was comfortable for her and I hope her pain was managed well, but still she was so darn polite to everyone.  Pleases and thank yous for all, even the nurse who came in every 15 minutes for pesky vitals.  Her independence shining through insisting to feed herself once she realized that her lunch arrived while she was napping.

Olivia could be fearful of so many things but she looks forward to her blood draws and clinic appointments to say hi to "friends".  She could make it a battle about taking her meds but she generally embraces them unless of course she's milking grandmas for sympathy.  Instead she's generally a polite, nosy inquisitive little girl quick to laugh and voice her opinions.  I love her more and more every day.

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