Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cath is Underway and DONE

Ooopsies, unless you're friends with me on the old FB, you likely didn't know that Miss Liv was going in today for her first annual post-transplant cath/biopsy.  My apologies.  This bad boy is a little more invasive than the rest, they will go in through the groin from two different sites to get vein and arterial access.  This allows the staff to get tissue samples on both sides of her heart as well as checking the overall structure.  Included on the checklist is the Norwood reconstructed aortic arch, the transplanted pulmonary arteries and ensure that none of the suture areas show any narrowing or hardening.

Olivia took it in true Livvy fashion.  She woke up this morning at the blink of an eye and was chirping away all the ideas that she had, need to take her Doc McStuffins kit with her so she can check out patients. We got here a little early and she fussed a bit, more than usual but not shocking since she's had a nice break from all of this intervention.  Height and weight look great which we already knew but it's nice to hear it again anyway.  They took her back on time which is just about unheard of the land of hospitals. I love the doctor who took her into the cath lab and always feel like her pain and effects after each cath is a little bit better versus the others.

Everything so far has looked great.  She woke up like a beast in recovery but was more than a little unhappy that she didn't have her own jammies on and her leg was in an immobilizer.  The heart looks good but we did hear that her right femoral vein is completely occluded into her abdomen.  It's not a real problem, but it is good information to know for future testing.  After she was wheeled into recovery all of her fussing brought back up the apple juice which sent the nurse into a little tizzy.  Aside from that though they're currently doing an echo and Miss Liv is helping out the tech by pointing out all the places she needs to run the probe over between her chest and abdomen.

Six hours of down time is a really long time for any three year old, this one is hungry and going to get a little cranky if she doesn't get some food soon.  Biopsy results will likely be in tomorrow and then we should have a good game plan for future care.  Till then, off to tame the beast or princess - depends on the given time or day.

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