Friday, October 4, 2013

Parallel Lines

A year ago in the midst of the trenches trying to find meds that would reverse Liv's decline - another heart transplant family was living a nightmare.  They had already been where we were...waited the wait for their little girl to get a new lease on life.  She did and they lived life to its fullest.  But just as we were waiting and looking for a ray of hope - theirs was shattered and they had to say goodbye to their sweet little girl at just four years old.  

This past year we have walked parallel lines - never to intersect but I watch over their "what life has become" and I look at the fullness of ours.  Such different paths, they were where we are now and yet it's so long ago.  I wake up every day thinking of their  When I'm in the foulest of foul moods and can't see past my own nose, I let my mind go there and try to snap out of it.  To live a life full of yearning for someone no longer here in the present would be miserable and incomplete.  I see that in her mothers posts and it tears at me and speaks volumes.  To wish for reunion in the after life as a family; so sad.  

Our present was theirs, their present could be ours.  Of course I hope these lines never intersect but one never knows and I am not so arrogant to think that it could be us someday.  Until then, I try to honor their little girl daily by loving on mine just a little bit extra.  

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