Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Things I Am Thankful For - Day 5

Whenever a person has a medical procedure and needs to be intubated, you run the risk of the tube doing either temporary or permanent damage to your vocal cords.  One of my most favorite sounds in the whole world is Olivia's voice.  So much so that as she would undergo each procedure it was one of the things I worried about most.  Would she sound the same?  Would she struggle with paresis?  

Today, I'm sitting here listening to her flip through the Target Christmas Toy Catalog saying "Excuse me ma'am" (she calls everyone ma'am) and asking if she can have this or that from the catalog.  Hilarious...definitely obnoxious of Target, but hilarious.  I could listen to this little chatterbox all day long, particularly her sleepy voice or her whispers when she really really wants something but gets shy about asking for them.  

Ooops, I just told her that she wasn't going to get every item on every page of said catalog - she's displeased.  

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