Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I am Thankful for - Day 17

Early detection medicine that allowed Livvy's HLHS to be diagnosed in utero...and more importantly the doctors who took the time to explain that while her road may be tough and have bumps in it, that it was all manageable with the right team.  They were so right, it was and has all been manageable.  Those first few days probably changed my life more than any day that has followed.  

To date - my appreciation of doctors who are just square and up front with the information at hand remain my favorite.  Of course I like that they have a good bedside manner with Livvy, but if they were cold and fact based; I'd be okay with that because we would be informed.  If they don't know why something's happening, I want to know that they don't know and will work with us to figure it out.  If they know we're going to be in the hospital for multiple days while they wait for symptoms to subside - I want to know that and I can find peace in that information.

Knowledge is power.

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