Monday, June 27, 2011

15 Months!

Seriously-I have a fifteen month old?  Just in the last few weeks I've noticed how Liv has lost the baby look and now she's rocking the toddler look and ATTITUDE.  When I was flashbacking with our PT during today's session, we were both talking about how during Olivia's first EI (early intervention) evaluation in Sept of 2010 she could barely sit in her high chair without a phone book boosting her up and her head was so weak it would flop to the side after a few minutes.  Now she's making leaps and bounds where PT is going to go down to twice a month and we'll see how Miss Olivia does with meeting her benchmarks.

Current accomplishments & accolades for Livvy:

  • Eating everything in sight, we really need to start a food fund to feed this girl - but bananas are still her fave
  • Sleeping through the night - oh thank goodness, I can finally say that (although she's getting a few vaccinations on Thursday so we may be in for a rude awakening "pun intended")
  • Climbing up the stairs without a problem and scooting down on her tush
  • Taking baths in the big tub, her baby tub was just too small and she's loving the freedom of the big tub with a nice anti slip mat
  • Going in both her baby pool and the big pool by her grandparents, she is definitely a water baby
  • Losing the stranger danger, new people are definitely more an of an interest now as opposed to fearful
  • Saying Dada - ask Brian, he has it recorded as proof for the one day that she said it non-stop; I have yet to hear it
Goals for the coming months:
  • Walking - like I've said, we know she can do it, she just needs to be feeling like it
  • SIPPY CUP - she'll take a very specific one now (of course the cheapest of the entire fleet we own) but it can only have water; ideally she'll eventually take milk and juice from it as well
  • Talking - she's still a little behind with making all the sounds that she should be at this age, but I'm sure she will soon be talking back and then I'll long for these days again
It has been such an amazing journey thus far and although teething is really kicking our butts right now, I wouldn't have it any other way with this beautiful little girl that I get to call my own.  

Happy Birthday Bebe...every day you give me something to smile about and something new to find joy in looking through your eyes.

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  1. What a sweet post! She is really doing so awesome. Aren't these kids just amazing? Bodie was the same way with walking - he was capable of it far before he was confident enough to do it. He's finally walking almost all the time now. I even caught him today, falling down and pushing right back up to standing to continue walking instead of just crawling. She'll get there. She's a rockstar.

    Heart Hugs,
    Amy & Bodie