Monday, May 28, 2012

The View from the 2nd Floor

It looks pretty darn good. Discharge talk is in the air, as early as tomorrow but it sounds like Wednesday is a sure thing if that sort of thing even exists. Olivia looks amazing. Thursday she had clinically made a lot of improvement but she was so dried out that she was sad to look at. The only negative to speak of at this moment is the amount of meds that need to be given.

Here's the current running list:

Amiodarone: arrythmia drug to prevent Liv's irritable heart from making more PVC's, should be short term and further testing revealed that her liver enzyme levels were just a delayed reaction to being on bypass as the level of Amiodarone in her blood was only trace amounts
Aspirin: now a whole 81mg post-op, should be a lifelong blood thinner
Calcitriol: calcium supplement to help replace what diereutics strip out, short term med
Enalapril: Blood pressure med that will likely be lifelong for Liv to make sure each constriction of her heart is as effective as possible
Furosemide: lasix to remove additional fluids off of her as she heals, short term med
Multi-vitamin: Just general good health practice
Potassium choloride: May be discontinued upon discharge, currently needed to replace what dieuretics are removing
Sodium choloride: yuckkkkk like drinking salt water to replace whats being lost by dieuretics, please hope this is done with discharge
Aldactone: another dieuretic to pull fluid from Liv's body this one is designed to keep potassium in her body since her levels are already low
Coumadin: serious blood thinner for a little kid, how long this will be needed is debatable at least for the next year (I'll talk more about this later)

Thats all that I know of for now but it may change upon discharge. For now Liv is eating up a storm, begging for water and starting to play a bit. So blessed

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